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Camp FAQs

Q. Does my child need to potty trained to attend camps?

A. Yes, all of our campers need to be potty trained.  If your child is newly potty trained it would be a good idea to pack a change of clothes for your child.

Q. Do I need to stay at camp while my child is there?

A. No, our camps are all a drop-off format. 


Q. My child has allergies, is he/she still able to join?

A. Of course your child may still join us. If your child's allergy is life-threatening please let us know so we can prepare with any extra precautions. Also, you will need to send your child's epipen in a bag w/ ice packs if it needs to stay cold. Our camps are all nut-free!


Q. My child has never taken dance before, is this a problem?

A. Not at all! All students are welcome in our programs and our camps are a great way to give your child a taste of the magic and fun. 


Q. Someone other than myself and my spouse will be picking up my child for camp today, what information do you need?

A. Please make sure your child's teacher knows the name and contact information for the person picking them up. If it is the same person each day you can let them know on the first day of camp or email them in advance. 


Q. What does a day look like in the dance or performing arts camps?

A. Dancers/Performers participate in dance, musical theatre and/or acting class each day where they will learn fundamentals in that area/genre. They will also work on arts and crafts, play games, hear stories, have snack time, and play with friends.


Q. What should my child wear?

A. For BALLET CAMPS any clothes that are easy to move in but most wear a leotard, a skirt or tutu is acceptable, socks or tights and pink ballet slippers. 

For PERFORMING ARTS CAMPS any clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in is fine (no dresses or skirts unless shorts underneath). Please no flip flops, sandals or crocs. If they have ballet or jazz shoes they are welcome to wear them.

For FULL PRODUCTION CAMPS  Dance attire such as leotard or tank, jazz pants/shorts and jazz shoes is preferred. If your child doesn't have dance attire, please have them come in clothing that is easy to move in. 

Please no dresses or skirts unless shorts underneath and no flip flops, sandals or crocs. A base costume will be required for all Full Production camps and this information will be given before camp starts. 

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