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Steppin’ Out Performing Arts Holiday and Spring Recitals


Steppin' Out Performing Arts offers two recital opportunities per year; Holiday and Spring.  Recitals are always an option and never mandatory, however we do require submitting your participation agreement by the announced deadline: 


~Deadline for Holiday Performance 2020 is September 19, 2022

~Holiday Recital December 3, 2022

~Deadline for Spring Performance 2021 is February 1, 2023

~Spring Recital May 6-7 , 2023  

Recital Package $110-$115 includes:



-Digital download of the show

-Recital T-shirt

Shows are held at the Wadsworth Auditorium 25 Jefferson St. Newnan, Ga 30263


Dress Rehearsal  ~ 

 Each class will have a specific dress rehearsal time. The schedule will be posted outside of class as well.  Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time.  You will enter in the main auditorium and wait in the auditorium seats for your class’ time slot.  When called, the class will line up on the right side of the auditorium, dance, take a group photo, and then exit the left side of the auditorium. 

~All dancers must be dressed in costume, tights, hair, and makeup for dress rehearsal and recital day. ~


Photos:  Individual photos will be scheduled before the recital.   Individual photos will be available to order through provided website. We encourage you to video during dress rehearsal, as NO personal flash photography or videography will be permitted during the show.


Recital Day:   

 All dancers will arrive in costume, preferably covered and in street shoes.  Bring dance shoes in bag. One parent will check them in backstage.  The backstage door is located at the North side  (left side) of the building.  You must enter in the backstage door and exit the backstage door and then return to the front of the auditorium to enter.  You may not enter through backstage to find your seat. Dancers will be signed in AND signed out, for safety reasons.  If you are participating in the daddy daughter dance, you still MUST check them out with the stage parent.  Dancers will remain backstage the entire show.  Show time is approximately ONE hour.   


Stage parents: We ask for TWO stage parents per class. I will have a signup sheets for two and an alternate/backup parent.   Stage parents will remain backstage the entire show.  Check in/out dancers.  Line them up and assist getting them on/off stage.  You will be able to watch the dance from the side of the stage. Stage parents do not need a ticket. 



Adult:   $11   Child: $7

At the door:  Adult: $12   Child: $8

 Seating is first come first serve.  Flowers and other merchandise will be available for purchase in the lobby.


Parking:  Please remember this venue is downtown, with one way streets and limited parking.  Please inform your family/friends to arrive early and park where there is space available. Carpool!  Please email me with any questions!  ~Ms. Cassie

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